Saturday, February 15, 2014

Roadshow Mustika Puteri

          Mas Ade learned me a lot how to be a professional fashion stylist. He is such a kind man who gives a chance for a newbie aka. high-school girl like me. I learned how we borrow some trendy clothes from boutique. How mix and match the clothes for client. Because sometimes what we love is not what client wants. So, we should know what the client wants first, then go mix and match even we don't really like the looks.
           But I just can't get enough. I'm passionately still learning it. Even at first, I came to Aneka Yess! Magz not for fashion stylist but video editor (because of the subject of my technology high school). I can't hide my passion in fashion. And I asked for internship again at the school holiday as the full time fashion stylist.
           So, please wait for me and you're going to see my fashion spread or some fashion pages at Aneka Yess! Magz later, fellas. Uh I'm forget, and Mas Ade recommended me some fashion college to go. Not really expensive but great enough. Can't wait to graduate from my suck school!! Hahaha. 

Just got an opportunity to mix and match the whole outfit for Roadshow To School with Mustika Puteri, brand new perfume.

Backstage with the models. The models were really friendly. We talked a lot about anything, hugged each other and wish that we'll meet again. Oh I wish, girls!!

Must-do selfie with the host, senior stylist, editor in chief of Aneka Yess! Magz and all models.

Just ignore my whole face. Please.

 Here we go the team. From the left, a guy wears brown shirt is senior stylist, mas Aderio. Me. Editor in chief of Aneka Yess! Magz, mbak Adiba Musawa. Then the host, Ical.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Too matchy-matchy?

Fall in love at the first sight with this dress. So shine and green as..... I don't know.

Please just ignore it. I'm so chillin' with my hair and like to wipe it up.

I like to mix black legging with any mini skirts now. I think it's just more elegant. Is that true?

My Fioni tosca velvet heels. It's comfortable to wear because not really high.

Is that all too matchy-matchy?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Say hi to Mr. Junko!

For the beginning, I would like to say "Hi to Mr. Junko!"

The weather is so damn cold. I have to fight for survive. So, the sweatshirt is my favorite item now.

 I swear to God this heels wanted to kill me. I wonder how supermodel can stay alive when wear high heels. #notoneofmytalent

I'd rather to take it off. Soon. But can't help it if I feel gorgee just to wear it.

This is such a candid but I totally love the wave of hair hahaha. #nowind #ignoremywholeface

 Just chillin'. What a shame.

Monday, January 27, 2014

How to be a heartbreaker

Got a very crazy weekday. Have no more energies to hang out with some friends. So, just do blogging.

Cut off my pocket in the back's useless?

Ripped the old jeans is the best thing to do when you need something different in your life.

My favorite Yongki Kamaladi leather heels. It was a give from my good old friend. Kinda miss her!

Bun! Bun! Bun!

Took a picture with the lights on. Sorry, if my face looks worse than a shit.

My mom can't hide to scream loud when she saw my DIY ripped jeans. She wants that one either!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Lost Valentine

I know it's still the end of January, but I think some of us are ready to welcome the Valentine's Day. So do I! I'm gonna being appear of Aneka Yess! Magz's pages. Nope. Not as a model (oh i wish!). It's just about my internship as a video editor, the subject I've been studied on school. But the bad truth is I'm still single on the special day, duh! And this is all I can share.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stole Daddy's Oxford

Wearing some boy's stuffs are interesting nowadays. And now I adore oxford shoes a lot. But I don't have one of them, so I stole it from my daddy. Lol.

I'm crazy over the Dr. Martens women collections. Wish that my daddy wants to buy me those items!!

I'm easily to get so bored. Well, I'm working on my 'uncool' shirt and cut it off. Then voilaa! I got a new crop-top in my closet. And about the pants, it was fade in so many way. So, I decided to cut it off too.

Hell yeah! Show off your beautiful legs, fellas!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sometimes life become so fucked-up

Got nothing to say but fucked-up.

I'm sorry if the quality of the pictures are so bad. I took my own picture a lot by self-timer. So it's hard for me to know is it focus or not. I'm sorry. I'm trying to make it right 

Actually the cute handbag you've seen is my sister's. It was traditional handbag that she got from Maliboro Market, Yogyakarta. Hope you guys love it :)

I miss the culture of Yogyakarta. Wish that I can go there in the near time hehe